Jerry’s Homes

Jerry’s Homes, a well known homebuilder in the Des Moines area, was in great need of a new site that felt as custom and special as the homes it builds. With dozens of floorplans, pre-built homes, communities, images, and more, ensuring content on this site was well-organized and presented in a way that promoted discoverability was crucial. When people are looking to buy a home or build a home, there should always be ample opportunities to continue exploring.

Not surprisingly, the idea of building a home can be daunting. The amount of decisions to make—from the lot you buy to the floorplan you pick to the hardware on the cabinets—can leave many feeling overwhelmed. For custom homebuyers visiting Jerry’s Homes, we distilled the process into 8 steps that make up the “Build A Home” page. Not stopping at just listing steps, each one includes a tip, Call to Action, or imagery to further guide a user through the process.

Through careful IA considerations, as well as focusing on content prioritization within landing and detail pages, Jerry’s Homes ended up with a website that not only looks custom and complete, but has led to an increase in online inquiries through their contact page.


Project details


Jerry's Homes


Increased customer inquiries, increased awareness, on-site discoverability

Project launch

November 2017


Information Architecture, Wireframing, Content Entry, CMS Training