Georgetown CCF

The Georgetown Center for Children and Families is nonpartisan policy and research center whose mission is to expand and improve high-quality, affordable health coverage for America’s children and families. They serve as advocates, publishing original research reports and providing resources to states on health coverage. Their primary goal with a new website was to better organize their content to make discoverability of said reports and resources easier. From an IA perspective, this project was all about taxonomy. We worked closely with their team to educate them on how to use the taxonomy within WordPress (categories, tags) to keep their content organized for their internal use, and easier to find for external site visitors.

We also built an interactive US map that features at-a-glance facts about uninsured rates and CHIP/Medicaid use, and a filterable search page that surfaces content based on author, content type, topic, subtopic, and date.

Project details


Georgetown Center for Children and Families


Better organization of taxonomy, improved site search and content discoverability

Project launch



Information Architecture, User Research, Wireframes, UX Workshops